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How we do

We combine our core organizational strengths – a deep and broad understanding of the education sector with a high calibre globally mobile team – to deliver education transformation that benefits children and young learners.


The quality of school leadership is the number one factor influencing the quality of teaching, which in turn is the most important factor in student results.
We provide a ‘consultant leader’ who will help the school’s management (The Principal & Department Managers) to develop their own skills, alongside building their capacity to support other leaders and teachers around them.

A skilled and thriving teaching staff is essential to success in education. We help to ensure that the team has a clear vision and confidence to deliver a quality education that prepares learners for real-world readiness.

School Management

NGS Education has set up and managed schools – big and small, public and private, traditional and modern, across a range of curricula. More than anything, this has taught us that schools have to match their community. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to our clients’ needs. Instead, NGS applies its expertise flexibly, and is able to harness its international experience in running schools, to manage schools that meet and exceed community needs.

Managed Schools Methodology

  • We deliver strong, educational outcomes across a range of fee levels, providing a differentiated offer to parents.
  • We cater to the specific needs of the different communities or client groups that we serve.
  • We demonstrate our experience in successfully offering the world’s major curricula. Using best practices from around the world, we can help set up a new school or more effectively manage an existing school to meet the community’s educational demands. We provide guidance from concept to delivery, constantly adding NGS value – including, guidance to recruit the school leadership team, establish the educational ethos and curriculum, put proper assessments in place for student tracking, develop thorough processes for school governance and provide professional development for staff. 


Our school management partnership moves through different developmental phases as we progress toward achieving our client’s goals. In each phase we would work with our client as follows:


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