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Career Counseling

Career Counseling at NGS
At the National Grammar School, our dedicated Career Counseling Department serves as a guiding light
for students as they navigate the path towards higher education and career success.

Key Features:

1.   Expert Guidance: Our team of professional counseling experts, boasting years of experience,
spearheads the career counseling efforts. Their wealth of knowledge and personalized approach ensures
that each student receives tailored guidance to suit their unique aspirations and goals.
2.   Proven Results: Year after year, our career counseling team delivers outstanding results, successfully
assisting the majority of graduating A-Level students in securing admission to their university of choice.
This remarkable track record speaks volumes about the effectiveness of our counseling program.
3.   Early Preparation: At NGS, we believe in empowering students to start building their resumes from
the O-Level stage. This proactive approach ensures that NGS students stand out among their peers and
are well-equipped to secure admissions in prestigious universities worldwide.
4.   Multiple Intelligence Testing: As part of our comprehensive counseling services, we employ Multiple
Intelligence (MI) testing to identify each student's unique learning style. This invaluable insight helps us tailor our guidance to match each student's strengths, interests, and intelligence profile, directing them towards careers that align with their capabilities and passions.
5.   Unique Approach: Our incorporation of MI testing sets us apart, offering a distinctive approach to
career counseling that prioritizes individualized support and guidance. By understanding and leveraging
students' dominant intelligences, we ensure that they are guided towards paths that optimize their
potential for success and fulfillment.

At NGS, our commitment to holistic development extends beyond academics, encompassing the crucial
aspect of career guidance. Through our comprehensive counseling services and innovative approach, we
empower students to make informed decisions about their future, setting them on the path to a
fulfilling and successful career journey.

Contact Information

Corporate Office

22, D-1 Gulberg III Lahore Pakistan
UAN 03-111-123-647 (NGS) - 0300 8471021

Senior School

Co-Education, Grade 6 to A-Level
22, D-1 Gulberg III Lahore Pakistan
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