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The chairperson will introduce each participant giving their name, school and the title of their speech.
After the participant has delivered their speech, the chairperson will invite questions from the adjudicators and the audience. These must be addressed through the chairperson. Accompany guests of the participant may not ask questions following his or her speech.

The participant will stand at the front of the room. The adjudication panel will be at the back of the room, behind the audience. The chairperson and timekeeper will sit at a table to the side of the room, next to the participant.

No visual aid or microphones are used by the chairperson, judges or participant. This includes props of any kind.


Each participant will be allocated 5 minutes to deliver their prepared speech.
The timekeeper gives an audible signal at 4 minutes and 30 seconds (to indicate that 30 seconds remain), at 5 minutes (to indicate that the participants’ time is up), and at 5 minutes 30 seconds (at which point the participant must conclude their speech immediately).

Participants who speak for less than 4 minutes 30 seconds or more than 5 minutes 30 seconds may be penalized by the judges.

Each speech will be followed by a series of questions from the adjudication panel and members of the audience. Each participant will be asked at least two questions by the adjudication panel and at least two questions by members of the audience. Question time will not last for more than 3-4 minutes.

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