NooriaCheemaJpgNooria H. Cheema                Top in the World [A-level Computing ]

Looking back to my second home, rather first, second being LUMS, NGS has played a pivotal role in making me who I am today. A school is not just for academics, but a place where a child develops spiritually, physically, socially and learns to appreciate art and culture. The diverse activities at NGS presented opportunities to develop values of dedication, diligence, caring, sharing and aiming high in all spheres of life. The thing I cherish the most is to have developed a lifelong bond with some of my amazing teachers, only under whose guidance I have been able to secure the academic achievements accredited to me.

Thank you NGS !
NGS A-level 2006


ZeeshanSuhail Zeeshan Sohail                             [Currently at World Bank]

My experience at NGS was eye-opening and intellectually stimulating. I had the opportunity to learn from exceptional teachers, to study with hard-working, smart students and to participate in a wide array of extra-curricular activities – all in an environment that was supportive and encouraging. Some of my fondest memories of NGS include the numerous debates and discussions we had outside the class – with class fellows, with teachers and with students visiting from other schools. NGS is a hub of forward-thinking activities. It continues to draw the best and the brightest, and I am so grateful for all it has given me.

Thank you NGS !
NGS A-level 2000


SarahMansoorJpgSarah Mansoor                             [Journalist & Entrepreneur]

At NGS, I built the foundation of my personality and confidence; I am one of those students who took their baby steps from here and climbed up the ladder to O-levels. I did not change schools at all, which later affirmed my belief that the decision to stick to one institution was one of the best that my parents took. The strict regime of an educational culture agitated me at times; I assumed it restricted my freedom. But now when I am an entrepreneur, a journalist and after working with so many different organizations and people, I have realized that one place where I felt implicit and not chained at all was NGS. The teachers and staff played an important role in understanding my unconventional nature and inculcated the values of discipline, punctuality and academic excellence in me. The journey from a girl in a sheltered and protected environment at school to a young woman dealing with the practical world has been challenging. Still, now when I look back and think about those days I say, “They were priceless”.

Thank You NGS

NGS O-level 2006


SohaibShamimSohaib Shamim

I am currently working at the School of Science and Engineering, LUMS and still very fondly remember the days I spent at NGS. As an A level student from the class of 2002, I can only praise the guile of NGS teachers and management. I was a science student and the quality of teaching at NGS was outstanding. The discussions with teachers during the classes helped me grasp the subject matter firmly and the individual attention that students receive at NGS was a real bonus.We had access to all the facilities that science students require. A well stocked library, computer labs, quality science labs and great teachers! I still fondly remember visiting NGS for the first time after my O level results were announced in 2000. A quick chat with the management and a visit of the friendly campus was enough to convince me of the quality and diversity of the institution. The NGS management in general and Mr. Nayyar Ali Shah in particular took a keen interest in students’ activities and the advise I received on various academic matters greatly helped me formulate my future academic career. And when I decided to apply to Oxford for my undergraduate studies in Physics, Mr. Shah personally administered and supervised my written admission test for the university. Without any hesitation, I would rate the years spent at NGS as one of the best in my academic life.

NGS A-level 2002
Oxford University

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